Science and Technology Programs

1) K-3 Science Program: The current kindergarten through third grade science program allows the students to have science in the Science Lab once a week with a science teacher. This is a very important element in their science instruction. It gives them important exposure to science and an advantage in their future science studies. This is also reflected in the high percentage of advanced and proficient students in the science tests.

2) Computer Lab: Proctor students have access to a computer lab where they receive weekly instructions. They learn life skills like keyboarding, internet safety, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word. These skills enhance learning and future career paths. Interactive Math and Language Arts software supports grade-level classroom curriculum. The computer lab provides a quiet, focused atmosphere for concentrated learning for each and every student at Proctor.

3) Science Fair: Each year the students demonstrate their science interest by investing a lot of time and energy into their science projects for the science fair. The science booster also supports the science fair.


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