2016/2017 Funding

In 2015, we lost half of our funding when Safeway stopped participating in eScrip.

We need as many families as possible to make donations during registration in August so that we can continue our K-3 science program.

You can support the booster by:

  • Giving a tax-deductible donation
  • Participating in the Mixed-Bag fundraising drive

Your donation will:

  • Pay for the salary of the K-3 science teacher
  • Provide supplies for the science lab
  • Provide mini-grants to teachers to enrich classrooms with science related programming

To sustain the current programs, the Booster must raise $35,000.

  • $20,000 from direct donations (non-profit taxpayer ID #45-0588514)
  • $6,000 from the Mixed-Bag drives

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